Creative Biostructure Provides Protein NMR Spectroscopy Services for Coronavirus Research

May 28 15:51 2020
Now Creative Biostructure provides protein NMR spectroscopy services to help scientists with their coronavirus research.

New York, USA – Creative Biostructure, a professional structural biology service supplier, offers a wide range of services for structure determination of viral structural proteins/non-structural proteins, host proteins, antigen-antibody complexes. Now Creative Biostructure provides protein NMR spectroscopy services to help scientists with their coronavirus research.

The most important feature of NMR spectroscopy methods is that it can measure the three-dimensional (3D) structure of biological macromolecules at atomic resolution in almost physiological environments or in membrane-simulated states. In addition, it provides unique information about biomolecular dynamics and intermolecular interactions as well as optimal strategies for detecting the residual structure of unfolded proteins and the structure of folding intermediates. If the coronavirus research requires the identification of small protein-ligand interactions or the analysis of the kinetic properties of biological macromolecules, then the protein NMR spectroscopy service for coronavirus research at Creative Biostructure will provide with strong support.

NMR service at Creative Biostructure consists of four main steps of the NMR experiment, namely sample preparation, data collection, spectral processing, and structural analysis. For larger proteins, the company supports the production of isotope-labeled samples and conduct three-dimensional NMR experiments.

Besides Protein NMR Spectroscopy Services, Creative Biostructure also provides a series of other services for coronavirus research, including: Protein Expression and Purification, X-ray Crystallography Services, Protein Structure Analysis Using Negative Stain Electron Microscopy, Protein Structure Analysis Using Single Particle Cryo-EM, Protein Structure Analysis Using Cryo-ET.

“We utilize various strategies to determine the structure of the macromolecules that you are interested in you coronavirus research to promote research on the pathogenic mechanisms of coronaviruses and the development of antiviral therapies. With advanced platform apparatus and techniques, unparalleled precision in protein structure analysis with competitive price, fast response, and tailored services, we are surely a good partner to assist in your research,” commented the chief marketing staff at Creative Biostructure.

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With our advanced platform and equipment, our coronavirus research team can help researchers perform basic research on coronavirus-related bioinformatics analysis, viral particle identification and characterization, protein structure analysis, and protein interaction analysis. We also offer structure-based antiviral drug discovery and pre-clinical vaccine development services.

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