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OGUARD – A Leader in the Intelligent Revolution of Electric Toothbrushes

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OGUARD – A Leader in the Intelligent Revolution of Electric Toothbrushes

September 03
17:03 2020

OGUARD is committed to creating a better life through technology and is committed to developing consumer smart products and systems solutions.

In 2021, the market size of electric toothbrush will break 20 billion, but the major brands are still “dancing in shackles”, with serious product homogenization. Some big brands monopolize the high-end market, but the technology is crude and the prices are inflated. Simple core material optimization has been far behind the market’s demand. The electric toothbrush urgently needs the rapid development from electric 1.0 to intelligent 2.0.

What is intelligent 2.0 toothbrush?

The intelligent electric toothbrush breaks through the original ideas of motor, battery and appearance optimization. And proposes the mode innovation of “Artificial intelligence”. OGUARD pioneered the combination of high-precision position recognition sensors, pressure sensors, and electric toothbrushes. Giving smart toothbrushes more digital features. Thus we invented the first S501 smart electric toothbrush!

We pioneered the smart mode which makes brushing your teeth much easier. A study by American Dental Association (ADA) found that each teeth in different teeth surface should be cleaned in different direction. Under the guidance of dental experts, we designed the SMART mode. The OGUARD Smart Toothbrush is equipped with intelligent induction system of unmanned aerial vehicle, which can automatically adjust the vibration methods according to the intelligent judgment of your brushing movement. Different brushing positions can be identified through the brushing posture, so as to automatically switch the matching brushing frequency and the different way of bristles swing. At the same time, the AI can recognize your shake amplitude, that you can turn off your toothbrush by shaking it.

Besides, there are also clean, sensitive and white modes which can meet all your needs. The ability of an electric toothbrush depends not on the number of modes, but on the quality of the modes. Only the professional function and do not hurt the gums is the goal we pursue. This toothbrush has comfortable strength setting, moderate bristles and excellent cleaning effect. We cooperate with a number of dental hospitals, and we are recommended by professional dentists.

The Sonic toothbrush motor uses a magnetic levitation motor, which is called the real motor by professionals. The vibration frequency can reach 40,000 times per second, and the vibration noise is less than 40dB, not more than a whisper. The cleaning effect is pretty good, while the toothbrush can reach 12mm in width.

OGUARD toothbrush has a distinctive appearance that the handle is grey and white. Moreover, this two-color process is molded by injection in one time, so there is no need to worry about waterproofing. Our smart toothbrush is IPX7 waterproof designed. This means that if you put the toothbrush in a meter of water, it won’t get water even if you soak it for 30 minutes.

Another point is that the endurance of OGUARD toothbrush is number one in the market. The 1800mAh lithium-ion battery allows it to last for up to 150 days after 6-hour charging, which is designed for long trips. Don’t worry about forgetting the charger, or charger damage on the trip. Long standby will save you a lot of trouble.

OGUARD took people’s needs into account and surveyed tens of thousands of people before designing the S501 smart toothbrush. Considering the value of privacy, we designed the travel lock function. Long press the power button for 5 seconds to lock or unlock the toothbrush, which can effectively ensure your privacy and avoid touch and start accidentally during travel.

This toothbrush is equipped with 8 DuPont brush heads which can last for more than two years. Common nylon wool has poor elasticity and prone to deformation and mildew stain. Our brush heads are Dupont Tynex StaClean, which contain silver and zinc ions that are resistant to bacterial, fungal and viral growth. In special times, this electric toothbrush is your best choice.

In the meantime, we will give you a travel box as a present, which will be your little travel assistant. The travel case is made of PU material, which can prevent the toothbrush from scratching.

Oral care is a perennial topic, OGUARD is constantly innovating to make more professional electric toothbrushes. We are committed to break the shackles and lead the intelligent revolution of electric toothbrush!

OGUARD electric toothbrush will be officially launched on amazon at the end of this month, If you are interested in it, please search OGUARD electric toothbrush on amazon!

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