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Beyond Body Launches Mobile App that Creates Personalized Nutrition Plan Based on User’s Health Analytics

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Beyond Body Launches Mobile App that Creates Personalized Nutrition Plan Based on User’s Health Analytics

July 30
02:00 2021

Beyond Body has announced it has launched a new mobile app that integrates an individual’s health analytics into the content, creating a personalized nutrition and wellness plan based on the user’s goals.

The Beyond Body Assistant app, which is available on iOS and Android, creates a truly customized experience for the user. It includes personalized meal plans and full recipes around the user’s favorite foods. It also eliminates the need to count calories when users follow the app’s meal plans.

Christine Zalnieraite, nutritionist and author of the book, Beyond Body, says their mobile app is different from other nutrition apps because it includes both nutritional value tracking and calories counting, which is critical to a person’s long-term health and weight results. It then creates a personalized meal plan for the nutritional values your body needs.

“Many people get frustrated with calorie counting, give up and that prevents them from reaching their goals,” said Zalnieraite. “But counting calories is only one part of a successful wellness program. Tracking the nutritional value of every meal is also critical for sustaining results and improving health. Beyond Body’s unique algorithm counts calories and nutritional values.”

Zalnieraite said the Beyond Body personalized meal plan is extremely flexible. Users can choose from recipe-based and ingredient-based meal plans. And if there’s a recipe or ingredient they don’t like, users can swap them out.

“If you are using an ingredient-based plan, you can change ingredients one by one without changing the nutritional value or calories,” said Zalnieraite. “So if you want a sweet breakfast instead of savory, you can switch the recipe to another one. You will see how many ingredients you’ll need, how to prepare each meal and the nutritional value of each recipe when you open each recipe or meal plan. 

How the Beyond Body Assistant App Works

Users answer 28 personalized questions created by nutritionists as part of the personalized process. Beyond Body then integrates the analytics into a program that is created around the person’s health conditions, diet, stress levels, and alcohol consumption. 

The health assessment begins with questions on areas readers want to improve. It continues with more personal questions on their sleep habits, stress levels, alcohol consumption, and health conditions such as allergies or diseases the reader may have.

More than 2 million people have shared their personal analytics with Beyond Body, giving their nutritionists insight on physical and mental health challenges people face in their daily lives. The book and mobile app create customized wellness programs around those obstacles so people are more likely to reach their health goals.

The Beyond Body Assistant app also provides other valuable tools to help people get healthy, including:

  • Shopping Lists
  • Personalized Workout Video Plan 
  • Trackers for water intake, steps and weight
  • Easy to use technology to identify favorite ingredients for personalized meals
  • Reminders

Research Behind the Beyond Body Assistant App

Nutritionists with Beyond Body surveyed more than 1000 customers who bought the Beyond Body book to help them identify areas of assistance a mobile app could help. Their research found the Beyond Body Assistant app helped their users reach a healthy weight goal 33 percent faster than those who only used the book. 

About Beyond Body

Beyond Body takes analytics from a reader’s profile and creates a customized wellness plan for their overall health and desired body needs and body goals. It’s the first hardcover book to integrate analytics into a customized wellness plan based on the reader’s physical and mental health as well as their current conditions and health history. The Beyond Body Assistant App takes the same technology and analytics and integrates it into a mobile application.

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