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Bring Back Feline Companions From A Well-Known Breeding Ground

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Bring Back Feline Companions From A Well-Known Breeding Ground

September 26
10:48 2019

There are two kinds of pet lovers in this world. There are the dog people and then there are cat people. Cat lovers across the world will tell you that a majestic feline around the house may not be as active as dogs but will do everything in the book to make their presence felt! If you are a cat lover seeking out cats of a particular breed, you need to get in touch with a breeding house that has an established track record in dealing with several categories of cats.

For instance, at Meng Cat house, we have extensive experience in breeding physically strong, lively and active felines who have excellent inheritance. We assure you that your feline companion is going to be the best you can ask for. Allow us to introduce the various breeds of cats that are available with us, for you to take your pick from.

British short hair

Often referred to as the “teddy bear cat”, due to its dense coat and round face the British shorthair cat are stock and solid pets. They have tails of medium length that taper towards the end. Silver and blue are the most recognisable in British short hair cats. These cats make for calm and good family pets once they are past their kitten stage. They like human presence especially that of kids, though it may like its own space.

British long hair

The British long hair is a medium to large sized cat with a short neck, a robust body and a muscular appearance. A descendant of the British short hair, the British long hair cats too are calm and peaceful animals, who love being petted and pampered by humans. Needless to say, they make for excellent pets. Although it does not appreciate being held in the lap for a long time, being in the presence of humans makes it feel safe and comfortable. So, if you are looking for a cute, fluffy no nonsense kind of pet, the British long hair may just be the companion you are seeking out. However, do bear in mind that the coat of the long hair like the short hair requires regular brushing and periodic grooming to avoid them swallowing fur balls while grooming themselves.

Siamese Cat

A Siamese cat is the most recognisable Asian breed of cat that is an affectionate kitty who will love to chatter! If you wish to get a cat because you want someone to talk to, the Siamese cat is the perfect companion. It is also a highly intelligent and active kitty that will keep you in good health for all the running around you will be expected to do.

Hairless cats

The most recognisable hairless cats are the Sphynx cat. However, if you are specifically planning to get a Sphynx cat, you must have a taste for the exotic, for their appearance is not everyone’s cup of tea or paws should we say? Some people find the appearance of these cats ugly and unappealing even, but beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is it not!

That having said, if you are looking for a feline companion a Sphynx cat is the girl you are looking for. She is quite literally catty, with the swag and attitude of a teenager and does not taken no for an answer. They will also want all of your attention, constantly and are creatures that get highly jealous if they find you showering love and attention to someone or somewhere else. So, consider getting a Sphynx if you are truly in need of company.

Lastly, just because they are hairless does not mean that they do not require grooming. In fact, they have to be washed regularly, that they may not appreciate if they are not used to it. However, as breeders, we realise this issue and have our Sphynx cats get used to the idea of a regular wash. Without a wash, their skin tends to get grimy and will leave marks everywhere. Their nails grow out like talons pretty fast as well, so that will need regular trimming.

Leopard cat

The leopard cat is a unique and exotic animal that is not a usual choice for domestic purposes. However, if you have a large backyard that can house and large den kind of enclosure, you can consider a leopard cat if your main aim is to get a hunter cat. Leopard cats ae thus good fits in farms as they keep the crops rodent free by hunting for them rampantly. However, if the neighbours have a poultry farm, a leopard cat may rummage through it often, so think carefully before you get one.

Cats are adorable creatures that absolutely steal your heart and make for perfect companions to souls who would rather open up to four legged creatures rather than two legged ones. Cat lovers as we know them are obsessed with everything catty, so if you are looking for things like cat plush and mangi cats for good luck we can provide that too. We invite you to come visit our breeding house if you are seeking out a particular breed of cat. We also assure you of future support in case you need it.

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