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April 28
10:22 2020 The most popular 90s Football Jerseys

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Nos establecimos en 1981. La tienda comenzó en un centro comercial que ocupa seiscientos pies cuadrados. Pronto se expandió a mil doscientos pies cuadrados a medida que aumentó la popularidad del fútbol en el área. En 1994, con la emoción de la Copa del Mundo, la tienda se mudó a su ubicación actual.
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The trend is retro, whether it is sneakers, clothing or a variety of designs have returned to the trend of the past. In sports goods, I believe that everyone has seen many designs with quite old school designs this year. The styles that were once laughed at as “old fashioned” (outdated) have now become a trend. However, in fact, as long as you take a closer look, the retro things are particularly beautiful. As for football jerseys, although the materials of jerseys are becoming more and more advanced with the advancement of technology and the continuous improvement in functionality and tailoring, many fans, especially those who like jerseys still prefer the old style jerseys. Everyone YOHO! There should be a lot of post-90s in Boy? Then let’s review the ten classic jerseys that appeared on the World Cup in the 1990s en!

Germany (1990)

For many fans, among the many jerseys in this World Cup, the German jersey must definitely be the top three in the ranking! The current home football jersey of the German team is exactly the same as the 1990 wave design. The difference is that the 1990 home football Camisetas de futbol, the wave design on the chest, uses the black, red and yellow color of the German flag. . The design of the national flag color matching is the first time that the German team has participated in the World Cup with non-black and white color matching jerseys. In that World Cup, the German team went all the way, and the final opponent was the opponent of the 1986 World Cup final-Argentina. The German tanks led by Matteus and Klinsmann finally defeated Argentina led by Maradona with a score of 1: 0. This is also the German team’s second consecutive runner-up in 1982 and 1986, and finally won the championship in the finals. It is also the last time the World Cup won in the name of West Germany. So today, many years later, you can see many of the German team’s re-engraved jerseys. The colors and styles used are the same as in 1990.

Colombia (1990)

The same jersey for the 1990 World Cup, Colombia felt more fancy than Germany. Iquita! Valderrama! This Colombia can be said to be a shining star, but Colombia, who participated in the World Cup for the second time in history, did not show what the fans expected. The first game lost to Yugoslavia 0: 1, then defeated the UAE team 2: 0, tied 1: 1 with the Federal Republic of Germany, and scored 4 points in the group, but lost to Cameroon 1: 2 in the eighth finals. Go further. The star player of that year was definitely Valderrama, nicknamed the Golden Lion. He is one of the few players who participated in the World Cup with the national team three times as a captain. His classic work is the 1990 World Cup against the future champion West Germany. The 2018 jersey is a replica of the peak of 1990. However, unlike the 1990 Comprar Camisetas de fútbol baratas, the new jersey uses a pure yellow sleeve design, the pattern decoration does not dye the sleeve, and the style is slightly changed. Although it is the same sponsor as Germany, the overall feeling is that it is very different from template, color or pattern, and I have to envy the era of “refusing the template, blooming all flowers”!

Bulgaria (1994)

Speaking of the American summer of 1994, it is necessary to take Bulgaria’s miracle! In the World Cup qualifiers, Bulgaria, which didn’t make it through the final round, continued to stumble in the World Cup and actually reached the semi-finals of the World Cup, eventually winning an unexpected fourth place for all Bulgarian fans. In fact, as early as those years, in some small countries with average achievements, the sponsors had arranged for them a “template” jersey. At that time Sweden, Romania and Bulgaria were the same brand and the same template jersey. But Bulgaria has conquered the eyeballs of many jersey enthusiasts with the rare red, green and white colors in the history of the World Cup. Although the template is ordinary, the color matching is very eye-catching. Coupled with unexpected excellent results, this seemingly ordinary jersey adds another unforgettable story. Many friends even exclaimed after seeing this jersey: the same model, how can it be so easy for sponsor designers to make money now? The previous template is also much better than the current one!

Brasil (1994)

In the mid-1990s, many designers began to apply computer technology to their designs, so they began to have various layers. For example, in this 1994 Brazil team jersey, the designer added the watermark of the Brazil team logo to the jersey. Three large team logos have become the protagonist of the whole jersey. Many people believe that the mid-1990s was the pinnacle of the design of two major sports brands, and many classic jerseys appeared in the 1994 and 1998 World Cups. In particular, the design of the previous solid color was changed, and the bold dark pattern was boldly added to the jersey. That year, Brazil’s superstar was still No. 11 Loma Wolf, No. 7 was Bebeto, and No. 20 Ronaldo was still very slim. The aggressive Brazil eventually won the World Cup in one fell swoop, and became the country with the most World Cup titles in the world at the time with the title of four-star Brazil. It also makes the Samsung version of this jersey very precious. But among the 20 worst-designed jerseys judged by the British Football Magazine’s 442 official website a few days ago, this Brazilian is actually on the list, and it is ranked tenth. Do you not agree with this ranking?

Holland (1994)

When introducing the Brazilian jersey, it has been popularized for everyone. In the mid-1990s, designers like to design various layers of dark patterns on the jersey. The same thing happened with the Dutch jersey provided by another sponsor. Although this brand has become more and more “low-key” in recent years, but in those years of football equipment, they are definitely regarded as the best in equipment. Unlike the three super team emblems of Brazil, the “Dutch Lion” on the Dutch jersey is densely distributed throughout the jersey. If you have intensive phobia, I suggest you not to collect it! But it has to be said that the Dutch jerseys in the next few years are definitely not as good as the ones that were better identified and more distinctive in 1994. The position of the collar and cuffs is exactly the color of the Dutch flag: red, white and blue. Coupled with white ball pants and orange ball socks, it is one of the few bright spots in the post-Holland Three Musketeers era.

On the contrary, in the change of jerseys in the next decade or more, sponsors are more focused on the upgrade and changes of jersey fabrics, ignoring even the monotonous orange tulips, there are actually many places worth designing.

Nigeria (1996)

The price is 599, and the highest speculation price is 1889 yuan. The official website rack was robbed in 3 minutes. The global order exceeded 3 million. This is the popularity of the Nigerian jerseys in the 2018 World Cup. But in fact, as early as the mid-1990s, Nigeria’s jerseys have been noticed by everyone. In 1994, Nigeria participated in the World Cup for the first time. For the first time, fans from all over the world saw the heroic attitude of African lions. But what surprised the fans the most was the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Because at that Olympics, the Nigerian youth team won the gold in one fell swoop, and there were powerful Brazil and Argentina Olympic teams on the way to winning the championship. The national team ca n’t have any commercials printed on the chest, but in order to let more people know, Nigeria decided to print the name of the national team on the chest, so the large Nigeria and Eagle logos have become the biggest highlights of Nigeria ’s jerseys in those years. ! The miracle in the Olympic Games has caused many fans to pay attention to the stars in this African Eagles team.

Mexico (1998)

As the last World Cup in the 20th century, the Summer of France in 1998 was considered by many fans to be one of the most classic World Cups. Similarly, the jerseys of this World Cup are also considered by many fans to be the most unique and highly recognizable. If you want to count the most impressive, it must be the Mexican jersey! Since the mid-1990s, many designers began to apply computer technology to the design. Since the 1994 World Cup introduced earlier, many designers have added the dark lines of the team logo to the jersey. In this Mexican jersey, the designer designed the Mexican Aztec totem to the jersey. The sponsoring brand of the jersey may not even know the senior fans, but some fans found that on the official website of the brand in 2003, this classic jersey was once engraved, which is a dream for many fans. But this jersey with a strong sense of design is actually very difficult for many fans to match. Do you like it? But what a wonderful thing, I feel that there is still a long distance from the 1994 goalkeeper Campos’s goalkeeper. Interested friends can go and see!

Japan (1998)

Aside from politics, the face value of Japanese jerseys has always been very high. And since 2004, more and more jersey enthusiasts in Guangzhou have chosen to start jerseys in the Japan League. Independent design, independent fabrics, although the quality has declined in the past two years, but the sense of design is still very strong. Back in 1998, this Japanese jersey was the first time the Japanese team advanced to the World Cup finals. The local brand launched a jersey designed for the Japanese national team. In fact, as early as 1996, another brand had designed a jersey with a flame pattern on the sleeves for the Japanese team. However, the difference between the 98 World Cup is that the area of the flame pattern has been reduced, basically only in front of the sleeve. appear. In 2017, Japanese sponsors and the Japanese Football Association jointly launched a commemorative jersey to commemorate the first time the Japanese national team entered the World Cup finals 20 years ago, which is to re-use the classic form of flame jersey. In 1998, did you notice this jersey?

Croatia (1998)

Plaid Army, I believe that as long as they see the jersey, any fan will understand why Croatia has such a nickname. In that year, under the leadership of “Golden Left Foot” Suk, the fledgling Croatia reached the World Cup semi-finals all the way, and did not lose to the host France team until the semi-finals. At that World Cup, the Croatians fully demonstrated the strong and charming artistic atmosphere of Eastern European football, and their unforgettable jerseys were instantly popular all over the world. Especially remember that after the 98 World Cup, many sports equipment stores in China were selling “counterfeit” Croatia jerseys, which is enough to prove how impressed this team is to Chinese fans (ps. Buying fake jerseys is wrong Yes, do n’t buy fake jerseys!) The main reason why this jersey impresses everyone is because it uses a half-plaid and half-white design. It is rare, coupled with excellent results, how could it be unpopular at!

China (1997)

In fact, the look of the jersey is good or not, sometimes it’s design, sometimes it’s performance, sometimes it’s emotion. As a Chinese fan, although the Chinese team did not enter the World Cup, but their previous jerseys Camisetas De Futbol Baratas personal feeling still must be introduced! Allow me to describe the Chinese team in 1997 with the strongest national football without exaggeration! Fan Zhiyi, Hao Haidong, Sun Jihai, Yu Genwei, Yao Xia, etc. These names are believed to be known to fans who follow the Chinese national team! At that time, the national football team was definitely a master of the “Blood Swallows”, and it was also the closest national team to the World Cup before 2002. It is a pity that the dream of Dalian Jinzhou lost 4 goals in a row when leading Iran 2:0. It was a top ten game that made the fans sad. It was also a pity that many fans remembered the game. At the same time, also remember the jersey of that year.

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