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DeWayne Benford, Introduces The ‘Star Guitar Guide’, A Blog That Offers Comprehensive Tutorials On Guitar Lessons

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DeWayne Benford, Introduces The ‘Star Guitar Guide’, A Blog That Offers Comprehensive Tutorials On Guitar Lessons

August 17
15:24 2020

DeWayne Benford, a long time guitar enthusiast has launched a blog, Star Guitar Guide, intending to provide knowledge to those seeking to learn about guitars. The blog provides easy to follow guides to make guitar lessons a better experience and easy enough for beginners.

According to available statistics, The guitar is now the most popular instrument for adults to learn and the second for children. Overtaking violin. 1 in 4 people say they play guitar in the UK. Because people see their favorite artists playing the guitar, whether it’s acoustic, pop or rock, they are inspired to learn themselves. The rise in popularity of covers being played on YouTube have definitely been a contributing factor to the reason people want to play the guitar themselves. Also the ability to play their favorite songs.

In fact, research suggests that guitar players’ brains work a bit differently to everyone else. The art of learning to play the chords and read sheet music opens up new neural pathways. Essentially, a guitarist does rewire their brain in a positive way which leads to all kinds of cognitive benefits.

However, many people are scared of learning the guitar. The intimidating nature of the strings and fretboard, the fear of the pain on the fingers, the fear of not being a virtuoso after two weeks. This is why Dewyane launched the Star Guitar Guide, to simplify and demystify the art of learning the guitar and make it as interesting as possible.

The blog presents guitar lessons in batches, from beginner to intermediary, then to advanced. It also answers so many questions first-time guitarists have such as whether to learn the guitar chords first, the best style to learn for a beginner—whether acoustic, Electric or Bass guitar,  a good price for a guitar and where to buy it among others. It also has some embedded YouTube videos to add visual stimuli to the lessons.

The rich contents of the blog can be accessed on

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