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Tufina Watches offers impressive discounts on finest timepieces

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Tufina Watches offers impressive discounts on finest timepieces

April 17
02:00 2021

Tufina Watches is all out to continue bringing the best German-made mechanical watches in the market after it unveiled discount offers for Spring Sale. 

Tufina said watch enthusiasts looking for distinctive timepieces made with excellent German engineering should head on to its website to check out its latest offers, including a 25% off on already discounted products. 

“People no longer buy watches just because they tell time. Watches are statement pieces and show something about your personality. If you love expensive mechanical watches, you’re someone who prefers understated elegance and luxury,” a representative of the company said in a statement.

The two flagship models of the Tufina brand are its Theorema and Pionier lines. Tufina said among the most popular Theorema models include Casablanca, Zürich Tourbillon, Toronto, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Paris, Damascus, Galileo, and Venezia.

Tufina said the Theorema brand features highly intricate watch face designs that showcase a series of gears and dials, with silver or gold as the wristwatch’s casing. 

For instance, the Made in Germany Venezia Theorema, which is on sale on its online store, is designed to be classy and modern. 

“Theorema wanted to bring a very elegant and lightweight skeleton to the market,” the representative said.

Tufina said the in-house Theorema Germany movement with 17 ruby jewels and stainless steel components along with a power reserve of almost 40 hours assures any wearer of a lasting timepiece.

“You can see the spring tighten as you move the crown. The ornamental engravings on the bridges under the sapphire coated glass represent the many channels in the city of water,” the representative added.

On the other hand, Tufina said among the most popular Pionier models include Chicago, New York, Amsterdam, Florida, London, Tirona, and Miami.

Among its latest offers is the Made in Germany Geneva Tourbillon Pionier, which is perfect for watch enthusiasts with a smaller budget.

“Modern watchmaking has made it possible for companies that do care to not charge excessively for watches that should be made available to more admirers. You will never find a tourbillon of this caliber at this price range,” the representative said.

Tufina said mechanical watches might seem like ordinary, everyday wristwatches, but timepieces like these boast the watchmaking legacy.

“They show how timekeeping has evolved over the years from sundials to pendulums and finally from pocket watches to present-day wristwatches. Although mechanical watches need more care and maintenance, they are often seen by watch enthusiasts as collectibles and heirlooms,” the representative added.

Tufina watches are seen as superb statement watches and are among the most impressive watches on the market. 

“When Tufina started back in the early 1800s, we would have never imagined that two centuries later, we would still be going strong. That is all thanks to you and thanks to our dedication,” the representative said.

Tufina Watches said all its products are manufactured and hand-assembled in Germany. Its watches ship from its warehouse in Münich, Germany.

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