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3d Brush Metal Wall Print Crafts | HANDSOME HOME DECOR

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3d Brush Metal Wall Print Crafts | HANDSOME HOME DECOR

June 24
19:14 2021

Today, more and more people are looking at brushed metal wall art prints. Metal as a print medium lookS amazing when properly done. This is an 47 x 94 brushed aluminum print, HANDSOME HOME DECOR customer already have this set hung right above the sofa at his living room right now. The basics are pretty simple, HANDSOME HOME DECOR print on a 1.5mm thick brushed aluminum panel and mountings also included to make the float-style so the print appears to hover a bit off the wall.

Many people like the very angular and sharp clean lines of this product. It’s both modern and stylish. The edges are hard lines withgrinding at the corners which make the artwork more complete and no cut finger.If customers have read any of HANDSOME HOME DECOR other articles before, people know that HANDSOME HOME DECOR is a huge fan of surface texture as HANDSOME HOME DECOR feels like it adds depth to the piece and HANDSOME HOME DECOR really appreciate the tactile nature of textured mediums. The metallic nature of the product has a fairly unique appearance and really shines in the highlights and negative space of the image. The brushed metal surface is sleek without being overly glossy or shiny.

Many people also curious about a smaller version of the same 3d Metal Wall Arts for display on a shelf or desktop. Something that would make a good add-on product or gift piece that doesn’t break the bank. This small 16 x 24 plaque with black frame as a base. What HANDSOME HOME DECOR like about this simple piece is that it both looks and feels like a high quality piece despite it’s small size. This a fun and cute little 3D metal wall craft that uses the same metal surface as the larger print and is a something that would be ideal for filing out your bookshelf or nightstand with photos. The same principles apply to the smaller plaque; choose work that benefits from the form for best results.

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