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BOBOT Took part in IFA Berlin 2022

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BOBOT Took part in IFA Berlin 2022

September 21
14:48 2022

IFA – Consumer Electronics Show was officially opened in Berlin, Germany on September 4, 2022. BOBOT Robotics was invited to exhibit and showcased an innovative product for the home cleaning appliance industry – wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

BOBOT entered this exhibition with an objective to learn, exchange and cooperate. In this exhibition, BOBOT showed newly developed wet and dry vacuum cleaner, – BOBOT Deep 841 Pro.

During the 3-day exhibition, BOBOT gained favorable attention from potential dealers in many countries around the world.

1.BOBOT DEEP841 PRO — Up to 40 minutes of battery life

One thing in particular stands out if you check out the technical details of the BOBOT DEEP841 PRO: the amazingly long battery life. According to the manufacturer, this latest wet and dry vacuum cleaner should last up to 40 minutes. But how did BOBOT manage to extend the service life? Powered by a high-capacity 10 *3000mAh battery pack, this wet and dry vacuum cleaner provides up to 40 minutes of hard floor and carpet cleaning.

The BOBOT Deep841 Pro provides a thorough clean with a variety of features including vacuuming, mopping, self-cleaning and sanitizing. The large 770ml cleaning water tank and 500ml dirty water tank can clean over 200㎡ at a time.



2.BOBOT Sop610 — Multi-functional Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

Traditional vacuums have been popular for years for their dry vacuuming capabilities. But do you need a dry vacuum to clean the house, a mop cleaner to clean the wet floor, and a hand vacuum to clean the car? Today, the BOBOT SOP 610 multifunctional vacuum cleaner and mop cleaner will provide the solution to all this.


Here’s a new integrated vacuum and mop cleaner. You won’t have to worry about cleaning your floors anymore. The BOBOT SOP610 features a large dust box and two rotating mop heads that allow you to vacuum and mop at the same time. It also has a water spray function that makes wet cleaning and waxing easy. The detachable design of the handheld vacuum cleaner is also one of its attractions, making the machine always versatile, portable, convenient and clean.

3. BOBOT WIN SPIDER PRO — High-rise Building Water Spray Window Cleaner Robot

BOBOT WIN SPIDER PRO has innovative design and peculiar product features that have solved glass cleaning problems in high-rise buildings for millions of households.


It is perfectly competent when it comes to cleaning large windows, tiles, marble and other flat surfaces. With the Tuya smartphone app, you’ll know the status of your window cleaning. With just one touch of a button, the machine is ready to go.

And the brushless motor generates 2800pa of suction to keep the robot steadily attached to the windows. It uses photoelectric and physical edge sensors so that the robot knows where the edge of the window is and won’t fall to the floor. In addition, the robot has a 650mAh internal battery pack that can support itself and stay on the window for more than 35 minutes after a power failure.

In recent years, BOBOT Robotics has made great achievements in the home cleaning appliance industry, achieving remarkable results, quite satisfying brand accumulation and steady development. With good market operation ability and product innovation advantages, the company has excelled in the field of home cleaning appliances, because the company staff know “The road ahead will be long”. The company will also continue to innovate products, accelerate the process of BOBOT brand building and create more quality products to make every family clean and the world clean.

BOBOT advantages:

1. A company that specializes in wet and dry with a research department

2. A pioneer in the field with more than 5 years of experience

3. Launched the DEEP series for the first time in 2019 about three years ago and since then has been leading the industry and improving its unique products.

4. Recently launched the DEEP841 series which provides you the perfect cleaning experience – the best suction power, a scrubbing brush at the highest speed on the market (400% more than the competitors), battery power 25% higher than all competitors 108wh all this with a convenience large size containers and low weight

5. The DEEP841 series is the fifth generation of the DEEP series, which guarantees a device with excellent performance and no faults

6. Soon BOBOT will present another development in the world of wet&dry which is a breakthrough in the global market.

BOBOT – your best companion for the household cleaning

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