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Garzini Desk Mat: A Clever Addition To Your Workspace. Now on Kickstarter

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Garzini Desk Mat: A Clever Addition To Your Workspace. Now on Kickstarter

September 22
21:45 2022
Garzini Desk Mat is uniquely designed with a minimalist design and productivity-improving features that will help to maintain a clean, organized desk and productive workspace.

Titled “Garzini Desk Mat,” the latest desk mat is made of Vegan leather and intelligently designed with productivity-boosting features to enhance focus and production.

Per the statements of Christophe de Smet, the visionary designer behind Garzini Desk Mat, the latest desk mat organizer is packed with all the key features needed to conquer desk clutter.

“Cluttered desks provoke cortisol (stress hormone) levels, leading to inflammation, headache, and pain in different body areas. The result is poor health and a lack of focus and productivity. On the other hand, clean and organized desks enhance focus and improve productivity by a mighty 84%. However, it’s also true that our packed schedules barely leave us with the time needed to clean the clutter and keep our desks neatly organized regularly. And this is where our new intelligent Garzini Desk Mat will come to your rescue”, stated Christophe de Smet.

“We have strategically designed our latest desk mat with a minimalist layout and several productivity-boosting features that will help maintain a neat workspace- and experience enhanced productivity.”

Speaking on, Christophe emphasized the top features and benefits of the Garzini Desk Mat-

Minimalist design– The new desk mat has a slim design to minimize workspace and prevent unnecessary clutter.

Device holder– An intelligent device holder allows comfortable placement of a tablet that can be used as a second screen with a wireless keypad.

Vegan leather build– Guided by the ethos of sustainability, the Garzini Desk Mat is made from Vegan leather that makes it eco-friendly and stylish, and classy.

Magnetic tool bar– The mat features a sturdy magnetic toolbar that is excellent for holding phones and cables with a solid grip.

Portability– The mat is extremely lightweight and slim and can be carried easily from one place to another.

Viewing mode– The device holder of the mat can be adjusted easily to viewing mode to watch videos on phones or tablets easily and comfortably.

Sturdy make– The mat assures long-standing durability and will last a minimum of 5 years even with daily use.

Garzini Desk Mat is available in 3 color options- Black, Brown, and Blue.

“Garzini Desk Mat is just ‘the’ thing that you have been looking for, for years. It is specifically designed to help you maintain a neat, clean, and organized environment around your workspace to enjoy seamless productivity. As of now, we are looking forward to commencing mass production and thus this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Garzini Desk Mat to life and make your workspace more productive than ever.”

To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter.

Media Contact
Company Name: Garzini Desk Mat
Contact Person: Christophe De Smet
City: Antwerp
Country: Belgium