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Sophia Xiang’s New Book Offers A Compelling Account Of The Chinese-American Experience, Sharing Stories Of Resilience, Courage, And Triumph

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Sophia Xiang’s New Book Offers A Compelling Account Of The Chinese-American Experience, Sharing Stories Of Resilience, Courage, And Triumph

March 02
23:42 2023

Chinese American author Junhui Xiang, known by her pen name Sophia Xiang, has published the first book in her six-volume fantasy novel series, Blue Lotus. From Utopia to UBI is the first book in the series, which explores the human pursuit of an ideal society. The book’s release has been long-awaited, after more than a decade of preparation.

Xiang was born in Lotus Town, an ancient Chinese town full of stories, on September 25, 1966. She spent her childhood during the late period of the Great Cultural Revolution, where political struggles and starvation were the norm. Despite the lack of public libraries and banned books, Xiang hid in her room and read books day and night. Her childhood experiences inspired her love for reading and writing, leading her to pursue a career in literature.

After moving to the United States in 2006, Xiang got a job in a Louisiana public library, where she finally realized her library dream.  Besides the traditional library functions, her library offers community such as educational programs, a career center, tax help, and much more. Xiang’s library system is the prototype of the Snail Library in the story. Her experiences at the library inspired her to conceive the novel, which she wanted to use to tell the past, present, and future of humankind.

From Utopia to UBI explores the ideal society, which Xiang believes should be free, fair, equal, and harmonious. The book combines Xiang’s research, personal experiences, and long-term thinking to create a spectacular and exciting fantasy novel series. The book’s title refers to UBI, or Universal Basic Income, which is one of the solutions Xiang proposes to achieve the ideal society. 

The book is unique in its use of Chinese elements and traditional Chinese storytelling methods. The author’s special Fairy Music and Fairy instruments make it suitable for adaptation into a movie or an opera, making Xiang’s work appealing to Hollywood and Broadway. 

Xiang’s book is suitable for any reader, but its unique qualities make it stand out in the western market. The cover features UBI town, the Blue Lotus flower, the ancient mythical animal Baize, and the flying fish from the story.  Xiang believes her book can reach as many people as possible, and she hopes it will be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

From Utopia to UBI is available for purchase on major online platforms like Amazon. Reviews are expected to be released in the coming days, but readers can expect quotes such as “Do not be stubborn on your principles and allow yourself to learn from others” and “Knowledge can be sought, but life experience can only be encountered, not sought” to be featured. 

Xiang’s goal with the release of her book is to share her unique perspective on the ideal society and inspire readers to think about the future of humankind. With her captivating storytelling and imaginative world-building, Xiang is sure to capture the hearts and minds of readers worldwide.

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