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March 07
07:18 2023 Discusses Some Key Tips for Successful Game Funding

The online gaming industry is evolving, and power is no longer in the hands of just a few publishers. Crowdfunding has come into the mainstream, becoming a popular way for big developers to raise funds for their projects. 

Build Credentials

When one is looking for backers, one wants to see why one’s game is such a good investment. While established studios with previous games have a bit of a head start, it’s not impossible for a new developer to get in on the action.

If one does not have a game catalog to offer, highlight the team’s experience, qualifications, and contributions to previous projects. Game developers can have a peek here to learn how to secure the funding needed for a successful project.

Set Attainable Goals

Once one has found backers, it’s important to get them on the same page. Start by working out a transparent, realistic budget and creating a detailed roadmap for the game. With these steps, there’s less of a chance that the team will make promises it can’t keep.

Create an Effective Sales Pitch

If there’s one thing gamers love, it’s hype. The PC and mobile gaming industries have arrived at a point where the hype for an upcoming release may be bigger than the game itself. Gamer hype can be classified as a revival of a past franchise, a continuation of a series, or excitement for a new offering. The game likely fits into one or more of these categories, and making that part of the hype will increase the chances of a successful sales pitch.

Promote the Campaign

According to, the three most important factors in funding are promotion, promotion, and promotion. The more attention a project draws, the more funding it will get—and new campaigns should cast wide nets. Along with help from a company like Xsolla, social media can make a big difference. Promote one’s campaign on social media where gamers hang out.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Investors tend to get nervous when there’s no news. Transparency, openness, and communication are the keys to a successful funding campaign. Frequent updates will keep investors happy, and they don’t have to come in the form of in-game content. Something as simple as a piece of concept art or a video message from the development team will let backers know that a campaign is still viable. Expert assistance will help build stronger links between development teams and investors, and that’s just one reason why a Video game fund for small studios welcomed by the local industry, despite Labor’s $25 million promise.

Give Something Back

Investors are another part of the game hype machine, and they’re more likely to promote campaigns when they’re satisfied. Along with regular updates, try engaging with backers by holding question-and-answer sessions, running polls, and soliciting their feedback. Then, use that information to handle current complaints and keep new ones from arising.

Make it All Happen

If one would like to turn one’s gaming concepts into reality, the right funding may be just the boost one needs. By keeping these suggestions in mind, developers can run campaigns that turn ideas into game-changers.

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