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The Benefits of Car Shipping for Cross-Country Moves According to

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The Benefits of Car Shipping for Cross-Country Moves According to

March 07
07:24 2023
The Benefits of Car Shipping for Cross-Country Moves According to

Most drivers consider their vehicles to be among their most essential possessions. As a result, few people want to sell their cars when planning interstate or cross-country moves. The decision to keep cars leaves their owners with two options. They can either drive the vehicles thousands of miles to a new home or have them professionally shipped. Before deciding which approach to take, read on to find out about some of the benefits of car shipping.

One Less Thing to Plan

Planning a road trip can be fun, but not when it’s just one more worry added to a long list of moving-day concerns. Working with a car shipping company like RCG Logistics frees up time to focus on other more vital aspects of the move. Having the car shipped will remove concerns about where to stay, what to eat, how often to stop, how much time to allocate for the trip, what to do in the event of a roadside emergency, and other hassles.

Fewer Risks

Driving always comes with risks. Driving across the country can be even more hazardous, especially if families need to follow a strict schedule to arrive in time to meet their moving trucks. Having a car shipped and flying to the destination eliminates unnecessary risks to both the vehicle and the family’s safety. Just be sure to check out A Detailed Guide For A Seamless Car Shipping Experience before moving day arrives.

Save Money

Most people assume that having a car shipped will be prohibitively expensive, but according to, that’s far from the truth. The cost of shipping a car varies significantly depending on its size, the season, the length of the move, and several other factors, but the expense is paltry in comparison to the amount of money required to plan and execute a cross-country road trip. Plus, car shipping avoids a lot of unnecessary wear and tear, extending the life of the vehicle.

Move Multiple Vehicles

These days, it’s rare for families to have just one vehicle. Even individual drivers sometimes maintain multiple cars for different uses. Transporting multiple vehicles by car carrier is easy, whereas planning to drive them across the country caravan-style can be complicated and stressful. Those who want to learn about how to negotiate discounts for multi-car shipments can discover this info here before contacting car shippers.

Make a Smooth Transition

Today’s car shippers make the pickup and drop-off process incredibly convenient. Many offer door-to-door services, and those that don’t will arrange to have the vehicle picked up and dropped off as close as possible to the family’s new home, allowing them to make smooth transitions. Since the cars have been in good hands and haven’t been driven, there’s no need to worry about things like oil changes and mechanical inspections before driving.

How to Find the Best Deal

Nobody wants to pay more than market value for goods or services, including car shipping. The best way for drivers to get a good deal is to compare prices between different service providers. They can do so either by calling around themselves or working with a logistics company that can find the best deals.


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