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Kickboxing Champion and Businessman Bektas Erdugan Encourages Youth to Pursue Sports for a Better Future

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Kickboxing Champion and Businessman Bektas Erdugan Encourages Youth to Pursue Sports for a Better Future

March 11
08:18 2023

Bektaş Erdugan, who made a name for himself in the rings as well as his successful business life, drew attention to the significance of directing youthful people to sports. The businessman, father of a son, said, “I’m formerly raising my son. However, we must give the necessary support to the youth, If we want to achieve success in the transnational arena as a country.”

He called to parents from Erdugan, who stepped into professionalism after consecutive successes in kickboxing, which he started to breathe and relieve stress in the midst of violent work. Erdugan, who’s the father of a son, said, “If we want to keep youthful people down from bad habits and accelerate their physical and internal development, let’s direct them to sports. I’ve formerly started raising my son. Seeing the rapid-fire change and development in him also motivates me. Not to mention the pleasure of going to the trainings with him, doing sports and spending time together.”

Emphasizing the significance of starting sports at an early age, Bektaş Erdugan continued his words as follows “It’s veritably important to insure that children are directed to sports at an early age and discover their talents. However, I completely believe that numerous internationally successful athletes will be trained in our country, If we pay due attention to this issue. Kickboxing is one of these branches. We’ve veritably talented youthful people in this field. I’m sure that they will achieve numerous transnational successes in the near future. Our successes support them and their determination supports us appreciatively.”

Explaining that he plans to open a spa for children and youth in the near future, Bektaş Erdugan said, “It’s a big problem that there aren’t enough installations in big cosmopolises like Istanbul. The number of installations, especially for children and youthful people, isn’t yet at a sufficient position. I see this situation as a social responsibility duty for myself. I suppose that business people who love sports like me should lead similar installations. I plan to apply this design in the near future,” he said.

Erdugan, who didn’t leave unanswered the questions he entered about the soft washing sector, said, “We give service with our expert operation, which has further than twenty-five times of sectoral experience.

Our only thing is to meet the requirements and prospects of our guests. Whatever you do, quality and conscientiousness come to the fore in everything. However, your client viscosity is ineluctable, If you do these two rightly.”

Stating that they work with world-famed brands, Erdugan said, “It’s of course proud that many brands prefer us. In all our workshop, we carry out workshop concentrated on the client’s demand. Our systems and workshop are growing day by day and will continue to grow. Our thing is always further.”

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