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SONA Streamlines the Search for Quality Insurance Carriers, Introduces a Free-to-use Comparator Tool

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SONA Streamlines the Search for Quality Insurance Carriers, Introduces a Free-to-use Comparator Tool

March 13
22:42 2023
SONA is a premier insurance comparator and one of the most prolific partners of Mon Gustave. SONA has created a comprehensive tool that enables its customers to quickly find the best insurance solution based on their hospitalization, optical, dental, and medical needs.

According to Zippia’s report, there are currently 5,954 insurance companies in the United States. Although more options means more freedom to choose for consumers seeking insurance products, the oversaturation of the insurance market has a subtle consequence – people searching for a reliable, trustworthy partner need to spend more time finding one. 

This was the case until SONA came to the scene. SONA is an insurance comparator specialist and one of Mon Gustave’s brands. This company is diligently surveying the market, collects data its customers voluntarily provide, and analyzes the satisfaction rates across the leading US-based insurance carriers. 

Simply comparing the features, price rates, and offerings of each of the 5,954 insurance firms would be a grueling task, but SONA wanted to go a step further. SONA has compiled mountains of data regarding the performance and online reputation of innumerable insurance companies, but that was just the first step. 

Recently, SONA launched a free-to-use insurance comparator tool. This on-page app enables consumers to narrow down their list of potential candidates. Knowing that thousands of people waste days if not weeks looking for the best-quality insurance products and services online, SONA wanted to help people by doing market research for them. 

SONA’s online tool was designed with simplicity in mind. By choosing the answers from drop-down lists about their hospitalization, medical fees, and optical, and dental needs, users of SONA’s tool will find optimal solutions almost instantly. 

As a brand of Mon Gustave, the SONA comparator is helping its customers save on car insurance, home insurance, consumer credit, pet insurance, mutual health insurance, and a variety of other services. 

Mon Gustave is harnessing its extensive network of partners to gather and process incredible amounts of insurance-related data daily, updating its comparison charts, reports, and analysis so that its customers are always up-to-date. 

As imparted by the firm’s spokesperson, SONA’s primary goal is to establish a bridge built on transparency between its customers and the leading insurance providers nationwide. Mon Gustave’s representative conveyed that all of its partner firms are dedicated to empowering consumers with the tools they need to make smart choices about their future, imparting the following:

“With more than fifteen partner insurers, we will find for you an insurance formula adapted to your needs. In less than 2 needs, we will compare hundreds of insurance quotes and keep only the most relevant ones. All of our quotes are free and without any financial obligation. When you have selected the insurance offer that suits you, we will put you directly in touch with your new insurer,” said the firm’s spokesperson.

More information about SONA is available on the company’s official website

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