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Uncovering the Hidden Wealth in Pocket Change: A Closer Look at Valuable Penny Errors

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Uncovering the Hidden Wealth in Pocket Change: A Closer Look at Valuable Penny Errors

March 22
16:24 2023
Uncovering the Hidden Wealth in Pocket Change: A Closer Look at Valuable Penny Errors
1984 “Double Earlobe” Penny (photo courtesy NGC)
Blake Alma, Founder of CoinHub, Shares Expert Knowledge on Valuable U.S. Penny Error.

Blake Alma, a prominent coin collector and the founder of the popular blog CoinHub, with over 1.6 million followers across platforms like TikTok (, Instagram (, and Facebook (, has recently shared his expert knowledge on valuable U.S. penny errors. Coin enthusiasts and collectors will find his insights invaluable as they navigate the world of numismatics.

“Coin errors, while often overlooked by the casual observer, can hold significant value and intrigue for collectors,” says Alma. “Understanding the types of errors and what to look for is crucial for anyone interested in this fascinating aspect of coin collecting.”

Some common U.S. penny errors to watch for include off-center strikes, doubled dies, broadstrikes, die cracks, cuds, clipped planchets, and wrong metal or planchet errors. Each error has unique characteristics, and their value can vary based on factors such as rarity, condition, and demand among collectors.

“The average value of coin errors can range from a few dollars to thousands, depending on the rarity and specifics of the error,” explains Alma. “For instance, a doubled die error on a 1955 or 1972 Lincoln cent can fetch a premium, while more recent doubled dies may not command the same price.”

According to Alma, some notable U.S. penny errors and their approximate values include:

  • 1972 “Double Die Obverse” Penny (uncirculated value $225): This well-known error features a doubled image on the obverse side of the coin, making it highly sought after by collectors.
  • 1983 “Double Die Reverse” Penny (uncirculated value $300): This error occurs when the reverse side of the coin features a doubled image, increasing its value significantly.
  • 1984 “Double Earlobe” Penny (uncirculated value $50): This unusual error shows an extra earlobe on the portrait of Abraham Lincoln, making it a fascinating addition to any collection.
  • 1992 “Close AM” Penny (uncirculated value $2,000): This rare error occurs when the “A” and “M” in “AMERICA” on the reverse side of the coin are closer together than intended, making it one of the most valuable penny errors.

When it comes to selling error coins, Alma recommends consulting the most recent price guides, online marketplaces, or working with a professional coin dealer to ensure accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

“CoinHub is dedicated to providing our followers with the latest information and resources on error coins,” adds Alma. “Our community of over 1.6 million coin enthusiasts continues to grow, and we are committed to helping them make informed decisions when buying or selling error coins.”

For those interested in learning more about coin errors, their value, and how to sell them, Blake Alma and the CoinHub team encourage visiting their blog and social media channels, where they regularly share tips, insights, and the latest developments in the world of numismatics.

About CoinHub:

CoinHub, founded by Blake Alma, is a popular blog and online community for coin collectors and enthusiasts, with a following of over 1.6 million people across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. CoinHub provides valuable information on coin collecting, error coins, their values, and the latest news in the numismatic world.

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