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How Allegiant Digital Marketing is providing SEO Help for Small Businesses

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How Allegiant Digital Marketing is providing SEO Help for Small Businesses

March 22
21:03 2023
How Allegiant Digital Marketing is providing SEO Help for Small Businesses
Discover why Digital Marketing Helps Small Businesses Create Recession Proof Results to Grow and Prosper in Uncertain Times

For over 24 years, digital marketing expert and owner of Allegiant Digital Marketing, Chad Markham, has worked closely with the small business community during times of crisis. This includes the early 2000s Recession that occurred shortly after the September 11th Trade Center Attacks. This also consists of the Great Recession, which spanned from 2007 to 2009 after the housing market crashed, which led to the failure of the largest financial institutions in the United States. And as recently as the COVID-19 Recession, Mr. Markham has not been a stranger to helping small business owners navigate challenging times.

“Naturally, when catastrophes affect a country’s economic stability, a business owner’s first reaction is to stop spending money. And the first place this usually takes place is advertising.” Not only is this not wise or recommended by marketing experts, but it can also exacerbate problems further by preventing businesses from reaching new customers who still need that business’s products and services. This is where being judicious with where money is spent in advertising can make a difference. As well as include which advertising companies a business should choose to work with during these times.

SEO help for small businesses is often the first thing a business owner should consider. Working with an SEO agency like Allegiant Digital Marketing enables teams of SEO specialists to help SMBs concentrate on one of the top places for a business to be found: Google. Being featured on a Google Search Result when someone is searching for a business’s products or services is paramount. Placing a business on one of the highest-trafficked search engines that put companies directly in front of a high-intent buying audience can create a consistent and reliable source for lead generation. One that will drive and maintain sales opportunities whenever the economy is experiencing a downturn.

There is also digital marketing help for small businesses that can be leveraged through other search engine marketing services, like Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), which can offer additional support. Concentrating resources on services designed to place businesses in front of active audiences more quickly can speed up the recovery process and can help nearly any business not only stay afloat but thrive during periods before, during, and after a recession has taken place.

One thing discovered among businesses that continued to spend aggressively during economic turmoil showed substantially higher growth progress, unlike what was experienced before a recession. Simply because there are fewer competitors, which means cheaper costs for advertising, provides greater access to market share and an ability to sustain substantial ownership of that market share after. This helps companies continue to thrive post-recession while other businesses struggle to get back on their feet again.

With thousands of SMB owners and hundreds of thousands of campaigns, working with the right small business digital marketing agency can be the difference between life and death for a company. Ready to recession-proof your business? Learn more with Allegiant Digital Marketing today!

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