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TRUMETA Captures Thousands of Millennia of Nature’s Harmonious Superfood Evolution.

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TRUMETA Captures Thousands of Millennia of Nature’s Harmonious Superfood Evolution.

March 22
21:33 2023
Superior USDA Certified Organic, whole-superfood nutraceuticals that enhance nutrient diversity, kickstart rejuvenating regeneration, and boost overall vitality.

TRUMETA’s doctors, scientists, and nutritionists have witnessed the root cause of disease caused by inadequate nutrition and are driven to revolutionize health management. In ancient times, hunter-gatherer ancestors ate over 800 fruits and vegetables, providing exceptional phytonutrient diversity. Unfortunately, the modern diet has lost about 99% of that diversity and critical nutrient values, severely debilitating the body’s ability to retain optimal health.

In addition, much of the modern-day diet includes nutritionally empty processed foods, refined foods, fast foods, sugary beverages and GMO crops, pesticides, fungicides, larvicides, parasiticides, preservatives, and chemical additives that harm the gut microbiota. Yet, new research into this previously unknown “organ” reveals that the microbiota is the true master regulator of health.

TRUMETA develops USDA Certified Organic whole-superfoods nutraceuticals that skyrocket phytonutrient diversity and activate stalled and sluggish cellular systems. Furthermore, these refreshing daily drinks provide the whole body with raw metabolic fuel, boosting the rejuvenated repair and regeneration of aging organ systems.

TRUMETA’s Philosophy of Excellence formulates strategic nutraceuticals with the highest purity and scientifically proven effectiveness. Synergistic, nutrient-dense botanicals, alga, mushrooms, spices, and probiotics boost the nutrient profile, metabolism, endurance, antioxidant capacity, immune fortification, youthful longevity, stress resilience, brain functions, sleep quality, and overall vitality.

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TRUMETA develops USDA Certified Organic, strategic whole-superfood nutraceuticals that provide nutrient-dense diversity, optimize metabolic functions, resilient organ systems, and overall vitality.

TRUMETA’s Philosophy of Excellence oversees each formulation’s 5-Step Research and Testing Process. Its mission is to enhance nutrient diversity, providing the metabolic tools the body requires to restore harmony as Nature intended.

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