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7 reasons to pick up ‘Are You Born Good’ Book by Stuart Mayo-Watt

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7 reasons to pick up ‘Are You Born Good’ Book by Stuart Mayo-Watt

March 23
03:08 2023
7 reasons to pick up ‘Are You Born Good’ Book by Stuart Mayo-Watt
Stuart Mayo-Watt, Author of ‘Are You Born Good’ Book
Journey to the top of the mountain

Published in 2023, ‘Are you born good – a mountain journey to the top’ is literary – religious – philosophy by Stuart Mayo–Watt. The book mainly covers foundational Christianity and the ultimate truth that man can reach only by worshipping God.

Wait, you do not believe in Christianity. Do you have another religion? Or do you believe in Nietzsche’s philosophy? Here is the best part! No matter what your belief system is, you will find beauty and take away from this book! 

If you are in search of a good book, then this is the one for you. Here are seven reasons to pick ‘Are you born Good’ today.

1. It helps in self-reflection. 

While ‘Are you born good’ is heavily based on a man’s journey to the center of the religion that he believes in, this book does not end here. Stuart Mayo Watt constantly shows signs of heavy Socrates levels of philosophy that he manages to portray. Furthermore, the book helps in self-reflection of how we as human beings go about our lives without the search for the ultimate truth. 

Of course, even the ultimate truth does not escape from opinions and types. However, the book helps each person reflect on their regular self and helps the find the way that takes them to the truth. 

As Watt himself says in the book he is going to be like the mountaineer in the book that leads the terrain. He will find the easiest road to take for the reader to reach the top.

2. An insight into scriptures.

Do you believe in the divinity and divine scriptures? If you do, then this book will do a great job to help you reach God once again. With quoted scriptures along the way, you will meet a revival of your original beliefs and brush them up too. 

What about people with other beliefs? Well, this book turns out insightful for them too. You will find yourself satisfied with the new ways and contexts in which the book reaches the reader. You may not agree with divinity. However, if you are a person of intellect and have a curious mind, you are sure to enjoy some new insights into centuries-old scripts.

3. A fresh philosopher.

Have you ever thought about what would you do if Socrates were in your time? Would you understand or would you be one of the ignorant ones? Well, there is no time than today to find out. 

No, Watt might not be Socrates. He might not be universally accurate as well with this philosophy or theory too. However, you are in a time of a person who has brought about something new. 

Hence, it becomes your interest of mind to do maximum research and understanding of the topic. This is so that in the future if this theory takes off, you can be one of the woke ones that always recognized intellect.

4. Challenge your beliefs!

‘Are you born good’ is not an easy book to follow in this era. People and their beliefs have gotten stronger and more different than each other. More than ever! However, since the beginning of time, human beings have coexisted and struggled to coexist. 

Take Cain and Abel for instance. With even as little as four people on the planet, they could not learn to coexist. 

You can change that! Regardless of what your beliefs are you can pick this book up and find out how another community’s mind works. Thus, this will help you understand the steps they have taken. You can disagree with them. However, to do that, you must read what they believe in. 

By engaging with religious ideas and arguments, you can also find a deeper understanding of your worldview.

5. An uncommon philosophy on humanity and religion 

One of the best reasons to read ‘Are you born good’ is because of the title. Are you born good? Watt gives insights that might be foundationally religious. However, his proof of his observations and philosophy makes the reader agree with him on his base idea. 

Watt explains how we are not born good and instead, that is an effort we make. We are born bad! Nevertheless, who would believe that? He states that there is nothing such as the product of society and it is a reason to put the blame. 

He proves this through the original sin of Adam and Eve. He proves the selfishness and aggressiveness of people through babies and their needs.

6. Considerable literary masterpiece

While this may just be one piece of opinion and commentary, there is probably no denying how beautifully the entire book is written. 

The piece is direct while being set in a complete metaphor or climbing a mountain. An imaginary character is introduced to bring about the perception of the listener. This character also plays a role in being the reader of the book. 

While the lesson may not bring you to the same page as the author, the literature will. Reading this book can provide an opportunity to appreciate the beauty and complexity of a work like this.

7. To deepen your faith

If your faith and the author’s faith are the same, then you are in for a treat. A perspective on Christianity is what this book brings with multiple scriptures as proof. Furthermore, heavily reliable interpretations of scriptures give the insight to help strengthen your belief more than ever. 

A mingling of nature, humanity, and religion will bring an insight that not many people talk about in the modern era. 

If you are a follower of Christianity and find yourself lost, then pick this book up. Imagine yourself being on the mountain, and you will reach your top.


Are you born good’ is a fresh book after years! It seems to open the minds of young literary critics such as the writer of this article. Somebody interested in different forms of human perspectives can find the journey to the mountain-top, vivid and exciting!

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