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Focus on ‘Image China’ to witness ‘Harmonious Co-Existence’

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Focus on ‘Image China’ to witness ‘Harmonious Co-Existence’

March 23
21:48 2023

Recently, “Image China” Photography and Micro Video Competition, organized by CNSPHOTO and CNS International Communication Group under the auspices of China News Service (CNS) with support from the China Internet Development Foundation and with guidance from the Cyber Communication Bureau of the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission, came to a successful close. By taking images as a medium and the Internet as a bridge, the exhibition was held without the presence of boundaries between language, time and space to record and demonstrate China in every aspect in order that the world should learn more about China, so as to further promote mutual understanding, openness and compatibility with a view to enhancing Sino-foreign communication for the sake of accelerating the construction of a human community with a shared future.

More than 40 branch venues were set up in China and 11 overseas in collaboration with about 30 Chinese and foreign organizations, media agencies and universities. 39,000 sets of photographic works, including 66,000 pieces in total, and more than 630 micro-videos were collected through the Internet, including some China-related entries contributed by shutterbugs in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Romania, the United States, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Egypt.

These works focus on China’s natural beauty and biodiversity, burnishing the beautiful, ecological image of China; focus on China’s folk culture and social life, displaying the cultural image of China; focus on how technology is changing the future and innovation is driving development, demonstrating the scientific and technological innovation capabilities of China; focus on the increasingly frequent exchanges between China and foreign countries in terms of culture, sports, education and economy; record what is outside China but related to China.

After the call for entries, “Image China · Harmonious Co-Existence”  Photography Exhibition was launched online both at home and abroad, with about 100 photographic works put on display to focus on Sino-foreign communication in various fields, offering a glimpse into the happy moments at which people were celebrating the Chinese New Year at home and abroad, freezing the scenes in which foreign tourists were visiting China’s beautiful landscape and foreign friends were experiencing the traditional Chinese folk culture, keeping a record of the Sino-foreign exchanges held at sporting events such as the Olympic Games, World Figure Skating Championships, etc., playing back the increasingly frequent exchanges and cooperation in agricultural trade, commercial trade and technological development reached at exhibitions such as the China-ASEAN Expo… All these pictures have made up a bridge of communication between China and foreign countries.


In early 2023, the award ceremony of the “Image China” Photography and Micro Video Competition Portugal Division and the launch ceremony of the “China-Portugal Eye” Photography and Micro Video Station was held in Lisbon. The event was also attended by some distinguished guests including Zhao Bentang, Chinese ambassador to Portugal, Wang Min, Vice President of China News Service, and Cai Wenxian, President of Associacao De Comerciantes E Industriais Luso-Chinesa, who awarded prizes to the winners of “Image China” Photography and Micro Video Competition Portugal Division, and visited the “Image China · Harmonious Co-Existence” Photography Exhibition. Ambassador Zhao said in his speech, “The photography contest provides an opportunity for the Portuguese people, who are thousands of miles apart from China, to feel the attractive charm of the Chinese culture. The Chinese society is full of vitality. The Chinese people are kindhearted and friendly. All this is beneficial to the friendly exchanges between the Portuguese and Chinese peoples. I hope that my countrymen residing in Portugal will make persistent efforts as spread the Chinese culture, so as to make more contributions to promoting friendly exchanges between the Chinese and Portuguese peoples. The establishment of the “China-Portugal Eye” Photography and Micro Video Station in Portugal reflects the high level of cultural exchanges between China and Portugal, as well as CNSPHOTO’s recognition of the efforts that the overseas Chinese in Portugal always make to promote Sino-Portuguese exchanges. As a platform for enhancing the friendly relations between China and the host country, the Chinese Embassy in Portugal is ready to work with all parties concerned to expand the workstation.”

According to the sponsor, the “Image China” Photography and Micro Video Competition is designed to promote the cultural exchange and communication between China and foreign countries by means of photographic works. Image business is at the core of China News Service’s operation system. Everything about the photography contest was done online including call for entries, display, interaction and evaluation, embodying what characterizes image aesthetics, documentary witness, online dissemination and cross-border communication. It is of great significance to tell the Chinese story vividly with images to show the world the diversified and 3D look of China, so as to promote the communication between China and foreign countries.

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