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BlurBay platform enters US market, offers filmmakers more freedom of expression and revenue opportunities

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BlurBay platform enters US market, offers filmmakers more freedom of expression and revenue opportunities

March 23
21:51 2023

Blurbay, a new streaming platform, is making its way into the US market, offering filmmakers the chance to showcase their movies to audiences worldwide, free from censorship. Although Blurbay is still in its early stages, it is taking steps to compete with industry giants such as Netflix and Disney in the future. The primary objective of the platform is to provide filmmakers with a space to create and distribute their content, allowing them to earn from the very start.

Here are the key takeaways from BlurBay’s approach:

–  BlurBay offers a new opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their movies and reach audiences globally.
–  By selling virtual tickets through paid acquisition, filmmakers can make more revenue without having to rely on traditional distribution channels.
–  BlurBay allows filmmakers to set up their page quickly and easily, with the potential to reach niche audiences locally and globally.
–  The platform aims to provide healthy competition to big players and secure free speech without automatically labeling content creators.

Blurbay is a promising startup company based in Estonia, a country known for generating many successful tech ideas that have grown into large businesses, such as Skype and Wise. Company’s innovative approach to streaming offers a lifeline to filmmakers who are struggling to find their place in the increasingly competitive movie industry. With TV on the decline, and cinema attendance dwindling due to the pandemic, filmmakers are looking for new ways to monetize their work and reach audiences.

Blurbay founder, Mihkel Stint, explains: “The entertainment industry is at a crossroads, with some pushing for cinema and TV to continue, while others are leaning towards streaming. With the COVID-19 pandemic changing people’s entertainment habits, streaming is gaining momentum. However, relying on occasional blockbuster hits like Avatar or movies from acclaimed directors like Tom Cruise, Nolan, or Denis Villeneuve is not sustainable. Other filmmakers also need to make money, but audiences won’t necessarily go to cinemas to see their films, and TV is losing ground. Therefore, the industry is searching for a fresh and innovative approach to movie distribution. Blurbay offers a solution to this quest, allowing anyone to set up a simple and effective page, selling virtual tickets in just minutes. DVD sales are gone, but virtual tickets can be sold forever. Additionally, a simple social media campaign is likely to come at a lower cost than traditional advertising budgets. Moreover, setting up your own streaming page offers the added benefit of no censorship”.

In addition to revenue opportunities, BlurBay offers more creative control and freedom of expression compared to traditional streaming services. With no censorship or executive intervention, filmmakers can create movies that truly represent their vision and reach audiences that are looking for more diverse content.

BlurBay’s entrance into the US market is set to be a game-changer for the movie industry. As more open streaming platforms like BlurBay emerge, there is likely going to be a shift away from traditional distribution channels and exclusive deals. Indie movies will have a chance to compete with big studio movies, and audiences will have access to more diverse and authentic content.

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