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Stunning Jewelry From Marahlago Is Made From The Beautiful And Unique Larimar Stones

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Stunning Jewelry From Marahlago Is Made From The Beautiful And Unique Larimar Stones

May 27
02:39 2023

Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking allure of Larimar and embark on a thrilling journey to the enchanting Dominican Republic, where the ancient art of artisan mining unveiled a treasure that women are raving about. Prepare to be mesmerized by the beauty of natural Larimar gemstones that are carefully sourced and then transformed into awe-inspiring jewelry by the skilled hands of Marahlago’s master artisans.

Larimar is a stunning sky-blue stone that is the centerpiece for every Marahlago design. It is only found in the beautiful Dominican Republic and when the higher grades are used in jewelry, there is nothing quite like it in the world. Named for the daughter of one of the first people to find it, this stunning gem is often called the Dolphin Stone or the Atlantis Stone.  

What is Larimar, and what are the benefits 

Larimar is only found in the Dominican Republic. It is mined by small, independent groups of local villagers instead of companies or corporations. This stone is incredibly beneficial to the surrounding communities, as it is the main provider of jobs and income in the local regions.  

The allure of Larimar is its natural beauty with astonishing blue hues and one-of-a-kind patterns. It is unrivaled by any other mineral on the planet and no jewelry enthusiast can resist its magnetic appeal.  

Believed by many to be a healing stone, Larimar is said to help balance the thyroid and iodine levels in one’s body. Many even believe it can aid in stress-related illnesses.  

Larimar Jewelry from Marahlago 

Marahlago supports the vibrant communities of the Dominican Republic who dedicate their efforts to the mining of Larimar. They take these precious stones and craft them into exquisite jewelry designs. From enchanting necklaces to earrings that dance with elegance, to bracelets and rings. 

In each item from the Marahlago collection, the Larimar stone is the centerpiece and the focal point. In fact, the founders of Marahlago created the brand because of a love for Larimar. World traveler Adrian already had a passion for creating jewelry and over several years took multiple trips to the Dominican Republic to study the stone and how it was worked by local craftsmen.  

Marahlago is the culmination of Marah and Adrian’s love for this stunning Gemstone and with almost 20 years in the jewelry industry, working exclusively with Larimar, the best and most beautiful pieces made with this ocean-blue stone can only be found with Marahlago.  

Each piece is fashion-forward, Larimar-focused, and full of beauty, healing, and meaning.  

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